Workshop Offerings

Asana Only Workshops

1.5 – 2 Hr Workshop

Grow Your Wings – Inversions & Arm Balances
Crack Your Heart Wide Open – Backbends
Go Deep & Ride the Release – Hip Openers
Transform the Fire Within – Detox Core & Twists
The “Not-So-Basic” Basics – Chaturanga & Sun Salutes for a lifetime practice

Asana with Lecture

2 Hr Workshops

Sonic Shamanic – Yoga, Shamanism & Sound Healing

Go Deep & Come Home! This workshop combines the ancient wisdom of vinyasa flow yoga, shamanic healing rituals and tribal medicine music to help you release energetic blockages, raise your vibration and re-connect you to the Universal Heart. Using prayer and ceremonial intention, we will design a safe and sacred container for you to dive deep within the many realms of existence. Guided meditation, victorious breath, and fluid asana movement will enable you to observe the energetic blockages and patterns that hold you back from what you are wanting to create. To eliminate these blockages, you will be guided using visualization, meditation, and the shamanic sound healing tools of drums, singing bowls, rattles, and mantra. As you dissolve barriers on your journey, you will come to the portal of awakened consciousness and the threshold to absolute and unconditional love, remembering who you REALLY are.

Shamanic Heart Activation – Sacred Yoga, Subtle Body and Sound Healing

We have entered the age of heart consciousness therefore it is very important to acknowledge what our heart is feeling. Whether it’s feeling happiness, fear, love, or sadness it is time to be fully aware of its nature.  The heart is where we find union between the polarities of Nature – between the known and unknown, the physical and spiritual, and the alpha and omega.  The heart is the essence of oneness. Shamanism is a practice of seeing with the heart and connecting to spirit without the mind, by using our intuition. We can connect to the higher aspects of ourselves and transform the energies that do not serve our greatest visions into our soul’s desires. There is no limitation only infinite possibilities and transformation. Sound Healing is a transformative practice. Sound healing is the therapeutic application of sound used to heal the subtle body energy system. We will drop into deep theta states of relaxation allowing us to move into the process of restoration and healing.  Through this vibrational healing, we will break up stuck emotions and blockages to open your heart.
This workshops includes: Breath Work, 20 min lower chakra-cleansing meditation, 60 min yoga practice to clear the chakras, Visualization and healing meditation in Savasana, and Sound Healing Bath

Live Out Loud

In this workshop, you will work to uncover the imbalances in the fifth chakra and open up to the power of your authentic voice.  No longer do you have to live with the lies, judgment, fear and anxiety that keep you from being the fullest expression of who you are.  It’s time to remember that we all have the need to express ourselves and you have the right to live an empowered existence!

Dynamic asana, breath, meditation, shamanic healing rituals, music, partner sharing and journaling, will create a loving platform and foundation for you to express your inner being. Whatever you have to say, say it loud. You will be heard. Be seen. Be loved.

Chakra Surfing

Surf the waves of the subtle energies of the chakras to seek out any imbalances. Work your physical body with asana, meditation and breath to move deeper into the subtle layers of our energy. Methodically navigate the seven chakras and clear your Sushumna Nadi so you can allow your Shakti energy to transcend creating that wonderful feeling of being “in the flow” or in a state of bliss. Now you are free to connect with the vast ocean of creation.

Slay Your Dragons & Become the God/Goddess!

Find peace with your fear, guilt, shame and anger. Working with the first three chakra imbalances, and in a safe and loving environment, you will clear your chakras from common imbalances resulting from life traumas. When you understand your emotional imbalances you can create compassion and bring forgiveness into your life.  Once empowered with this knowledge, you can work to clear these areas through dynamic rejuvenating asana, breath, meditation, shamanic healing rituals, journeying and journaling. We will wake up the Shakti Goddess energy and empower each other to lead a more magical and loving life!

Pranayama, Chakras & Nadis

Explore the realms of the subtle body energy system. First, a lively educational discussion about the various aspects of the subtle body, then you will be able to integrate and layer these concepts into your yoga practice. Through a skillful sequenced asana flow class you will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the dynamic forces and energetic currents that affect our being on a level beyond the physical form.

Create New Patterns of Thought

Examine your thought patterns and release negativity that keeps us from experiencing the richness and fullness of life. The workshop uses the wisdom of best-selling author’s works, the Yoga Sutras, partner exercises, journaling and an asana practice. Through conscious awareness you will retrain the psyche of self-defeating beliefs, habitual stress and chronic painful behaviors. Use this opportunity to move out of the unconscious and move into your Higher Self.

Tools for Transformation

It takes continual practice and attention to stay consciously awake and transform your negative thoughts and behaviors. It is not an overnight quick fix. Together we will examine a variety of tools that you can have in your transformational toolbox. Working with the law of attraction principles, affirmations, visualization, intention, partner exercises, asana practice, meditation and journaling you will create an action plan that supports your inner light and guides you into living the life you want to lead.

Abundance Yoga

You deserve the best that life has to offer. Rid yourself of those stories of lack, feeling that you are not good enough or not worthy. It is time to view your limitations and what is keeping you from getting what you desire. Change your story, cultivate a connection to your center and develop the tools to get to a place of empowered living. You will examine the wisdom of best-selling authors, Yoga Sutras, partner exercises, journaling, asana and meditation focused on first three chakras.

Detox Workshop + Intro to the 14-Day Yogi Seasonal Food Cleanse

Join our professional team of nutritional wellness coaches/yogis for a 14-day seasonal food cleanse designed to align your physical and energetic bodies as the weather and season changes. You will learn how to detoxify and heal the body through the use of local, organic, sustainable food and use your yoga practice to further eliminate toxins and boost your immune system.  This is the ultimate “foodie” cleanse!  No starving here, just wholesome clean foods that will make you feel better than ever!  In this 14-day cleanse, you will attain the knowledge that will guide you toward long term healthier practices and an enhanced life!

14 Day Cleanse Includes:

  • Optional Q&A conference call to answer any questions
  • PDF workbook including:
    • 1. A detailed description of the cleanse
    • 2. Expert advice on how to succeed and get the most out of the cleanse
    • 3. Yoga practice and guidelines for you to follow during the cleanse
    • 4. Food Journal templates
    • 5. Two week sample menu
    • 6. Shopping list
    • 7. List of local farmers markets and organic markets
    • 8. Delicious seasonal vegan recipes
    • 9. Self-care Guidelines
    • 10. Helpful instructions for cooking and preparing dishes
    • 11. Tons of information on organic food, vegan food, raw food, processed foods, etc.
  • Email forum for cleansers to communicate with each other and us
  • Helpful videos and bi-weekly emails to help you along the way

Full Weekend – Asana with Lecture

Empower II Evolve TM Series
“E’s into your Evolution”

This four-part workshop series offers practical tools both on and off the mat that will inspire, empower and transform your life. Changing habits and lifestyle choices is challenging, so start with small steps, have fun and be compassionate with yourself and your progress.  These workshops combine effective, time-tested holistic disciplines with accountability so that you can be empowered to monitor your own progress!


(can also be split up into two days as a four part/day workshop)